1. I feel like I’ve achieved absolutely nothing this year.

    I think I miss home. Or at least the feeling of home.

  2. Worrying everso slightly too much about people who I hardly know at all.

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iz mine. via


    iz mine. via

  6. In other news, I’m leaving for work 20 minutes early so I can get some porridge from Starbucks.

    I’ve regressed into a 8 year old boy.

  7. Broken my beard trimmer.

    Beard is back.

    Just in time for The Avengers this evening.

  8. I’ve done absolutely nothing today. & it’s been absolutely brilliant.

    I hit tesco before noon, picked up milkshake & hummus.

    Then just hung out with my housemate the entire day. We nerded out on xbox. Two screens playing Battlefield with the football streaming from a laptop.

    Followed by pizza & Independence Day.

    I also learnt that the ‘Will’ in ‘Will Smith’ is short for Willard.

    So not a complete waste, I guess. 

  9. Watching Independence Day. They’ve just upgraded to Death-Con 3. Shits getting real.

    I’m keeping twitter updated. They’re gonna fucking hate it.

  10. 20:39 21st Apr 2012

    Notes: 1

    Tomorrow, I start job hunting.

    It’s only been 5 months & I’m 100% done with retail.